PT-2000 Plasma Treatment System


Tri-Star Technologies presents the PT-2000, a turnkey system that dramatically increases the surface energy of any non conductive material including silicone rubber, resins, fluropolymers (Teflon), and plastics. This is the best and most advanced system to use whenever improvements are needed in the gluing, potting, marking, painting or coating of any non conductive material. This system, based upon the design of the field proven PT-1000, is completely safe and is guaranteed not to damage the materials it treats. The PT-2000 is a completely turnkey system that will easily interface with any production line. All materials that get treated are positioned on a precisely controlled conveyor belt, which moves the materials through a programmable plasma source. This plasma source is created by a state-of-the-art solid state plasma generator.


  • Improves The Adhesion Characteristics Of Any Non-Conductive Material

  • Works in open ambient environment, no vacuum required

  • Utilizes Standard Industrial Grade Argon

  • Turnkey System Easily Interfaces With Any Production Line*

  • Conveyor System Makes Parts Handling Simple and Easily Controllable

  • All Solid State Electronics Makes Unit Safe And User Friendly

  • Use Anytime Improvements Are Needed In Gluing, Potting, Marking, Painting or Coating (Great For Connector Inserts)

    *Several OEM configurations available, please consult factory for details.


  • Dimensions: 20" H x 48" W x 10" D

  • Power: 120V, 60Hz (220V, 50Hz)

  • Operating Environment: Temp. 45-90 Degrees, Hum. 80% Max.

  • Production Rate: Depends on Material Size

  • Treatable Materials: Rubber, Resins, Fluropolymers, etc.

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