PT-2000P Duradyne Plasma Treatment System



Tri-Star Technologies presents a revolutionary Plasma Treatment System for the fiber optic industry. This state-of-the-art plasma technology, that until recently was only available to the aerospace, medical, textile and automotive industries, is now being offered to the manufacturers, processors and users of fiber optic cables, connectors and other optical components. The Duradyne series of plasma systems, by its ability to improve surface wettability characteristics, provides a more efficient and economical method to significantly improve performance of adhesives in any optical connector for terminating, potting or sealing applications without the clouding or overheating of optical components. Its ability to significantly improve bond strength makes it an indispensable tool for any optical laboratory or production facility.


  • Works with glass, silica, PTFE, etc.

  • Works in open ambient environment, no vacuum required

  • Works with any adhesive materials

  • Does not cloud or overheat optical components

  • Utilizes standard industrial grade argon

  • Easy to interface


  • Termination

  • Potting

  • Marking

  • Cleaning

  • Sealing

  • Coating

Duradyne Information:

A precisely-directed stream of plasma is the heart of this revolutionary new system from Tri-Star. Plasma is energized gas in which ions, electrons and free radicals react. When used to treat medical devices, it improves joint strength and adhesion of specialized coatings for angioplasty balloons, catheters, guide wires, syringes, pacing leads, and other devices.

  • Now you can direct plasma wherever you need it: It's the go-anywhere plasma for inner and outer surfaces of any medical device made from non-conductive material.

  • Stronger bonding: The PT-2000 produces a failure-proof bond that meets or exceeds all current testing standards.

  • Better adhesion of specialized coatings:The PT-2000 improves adhesion of biocompatible coatings in heart/lung oxygenators, filters and tubing.

  • Greater lubricity: The PT-2000 enhances application of lubricious coatings for catheters, including ultra-thin neurological catheters and guide wires.

  • Pinpoint accuracy and precision: The PT-2000 plasma stream can be directed into the smallest, most convoluted spaces. It is simple to operate and is highly reliable.

  • Permanent identification:For indelible labeling of medical tubing and plastic components, the PT-2000 prepares surfaces to receive ID markings.

  • Safe and environmentally friendly:The PT-2000 uses no chemicals and produces no hazardous wastes. It will not damage heat sensitive or other materials.

More Information:

PT2000P Data Sheet picture .png

Duradyne Informational Brochure (74.6kB pdf file)

Duradyne Datasheet