PT-1000 Plasma Treatment System

PT1000 in a stainless steel enclosure co


PT-1000 is a Low Current Surface Plasma Treatment System that operates at Atmospheric Pressure and is designed to significantly improve surface wettability of various nonconductive and conductive wire insulation materials, including PTFE, ETFE, PVC, PP, PE, PET, other low surface energy solids and different kinds of resins and composites. The effect is achieved by creating plasma in the boundary layer of the wire and bombarding the surface with charged particles and high energy UV photons. As a result, the Plasma Treatment substantially increases original surface energy of the substrate and therefore enhances capability of bonding low surface energy dielectric materials to themselves and other solids or liquids including epoxies, adhesives, paints, inks, coating and potting materials.


  • Creates plasma around the wire and/or cable moving through an electrode

  • Treats conductive and non conductive materials

  • Works in ambient environment

  • Used in-line, with any marking, coding, striping, coating and potting equipment

  • Up to 2" cable diameter

  • Split Electrode accomodates endless extrusion

  • Custom Electrodes Available

  • Special Gas mixtures can be added to improve functionality

  • PLC/HMI version available for precise process control

  • Stand alone unit

  • All solid state electronics

  • Safe Reliable and User Friendly

PT-1000 Improves:

  • Wettability is the ability of solids to retain liquids on their surface. Higher wettability results in more complete spreading of the flowable materials over the solid surface, that improves the adhesion by increasing the contact area and eliminating the air pockets from the interface.

  • Bondability is the ability of of solids to have a chemical interaction with other materials. Plasma treatment populates the surface with free radicals making the bonds stronger and the surface more reactive.

  • Durability. is the ability of a mark, coating and the like to withstand wear, pressure, or damage.The bonding of the articles treated with PT-1000 passes most customary military and commercial durability requirements.

  • Consistency by maintaining material surface properties, regardless of local defects and storage conditions.

More Information:


Read more about the PT 1000 (68.6KB pdf file)