OPIOID ID Marker for Point of Sale Applications



A new resource is available to help combat the rapidly escalating opioid crisis. This identification tool is called the Opioid ID Marker, designed and developed by Tri-Star Technologies to help curb prescription drug counterfeiting and misuse. Employing proven ultraviolet laser technology, the Opioid ID Marker indelibly marks each individual tablet or capsule at the point of sale such as dispensaries, pharmacies and health clinics.


The marker applies unique identifying information in encrypted format such as the names of patients and prescribing physicians, the prescription number, and other data. This information is uploaded to a cloud database as the prescription is being filled. Local and federal law enforcement personnel can instantly access the database nationally and globally via smart phone with proprietary software that identifies and traces each prescription back to the intended patient and prescribing physician. If there is no match, a break anywhere in the chain from distribution to consumption may have occurred, then the product is suspect and can be confiscated.


  • Improves patient safety via traceability

  • Low cost solution for identifying pharmaceutical products at point of sale (such as dispensaries, pharmacies & clinics)

  • Links to global/national database

  • Deters counterfeiting

  • Permanent, unalterable text, barcodes and graphics

  • Ultra high resolution marking, both visible and invisible to naked eye

  • Will not fade or degrade over time

  • Marks tablets and hard and soft capsules of any size

  • Prints encrypted messages to ensure patient privacy

  • Surface marking will not affect product

  • Field proven technology

  • Markings are chemically inert

  • Patents Pending


More Information:

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Read more about the Opioid ID Marker for Point of Sale Applications (7.2MB pdf file)

Watch video of Portable Cold Laser Marking System.