MINI Semi-Automatic Contact Crimper

Design Goal:

Leveraging of over 40 years of experience in contact handling and automatic crimping, Tri-Star Technologies is now in early development stages of building a miniature version of our Automatic Contact Crimper, the Mini-TAC. The proposed system  will utilize state-of-the-art optical recognition system for precise contact positioning and crimp verification.


Here is list of key features:


  • semi-automatic operation 

  • automatic crimp activation, prevents improper wire insertion depth

  • unique automatic optical guidance of wire, prevents bird caging/flayed strands

  • can accommodate wide wire and contact range (i.e. 16AWG-30AWG wire/contacts)

  • alleviates operator fatigue, especially with micro contact/wire  sizes (<26AWG) 

  • utilizes mil spec M22520/7, /01 or /02 crimp tool

  • system design leverages over 40 years experience in manufacturing of automatic contact crimpers (TAC) 

  • Small footprint

  • Lightweight and portable

  • up to 3x faster than manual crimping