Tri-Star Technologies manufactures a full line of UV laser and ink jet marking systems which dereel, measure, mark, cut, and coil wire and cable in one continuous, sequential process. Our ink jet systems employ UV curable inks, with an in-line curing station that assures permanent markings with absolutely no damage to the wire insulation. Markings meet all requirements of MIL-W-5088L. All models are microprocessor-controlled and fully automatic. Some of the customers that have purchased one of the Tri-Star Marking Systems include: Boeing, British Aerospace, Cessna, Fokker, Lockheed, Northrop, U.S. Navy, etc.

Available Models

Laser Wire Marker
Superfast 150
Cold Laser™

Tri-Star Technologies Cold Laser™ creates indelible IDs for medical products, including pills. It causes no damage to thermally sensitive substrates and has the capability to mark pills already sealed within a blister pack.

Econolase Marker
Fiber Laser Marker
Fiber Laser_cut.jpg

The M100L-Fiber is a fully automatic, air cooled, turnkey marking system that utilizes a Fiber laser with an integrated high-speed scanner.

Ink Jet Wire Marker

Tri-Star Technologies M-100J is the industry's first fully integrated, high speed, Ink Jet Wire Marker with an integrated plasma pre-treatment and UV CURE system.


The turnkey M100LFG-TT-S is a fully automatic, Schleuniger compatible, CAYMAN software controlled laser marking/cutting/stripping system.

Opioid ID Marker
Multi-Wire UV Marker
Portable Cold Laser Printer_1_cut.png


Shrink Tube Marker
Ink Jet Shrink Tube Marker 8_cut.png


The M-100STMC is a Portable Shrink Tube Marker and Cutter designed for the aerospace, automotive, medical and wire processing industries.

Laser Tubing Marker

The M-100L-FG-ST is a portable, fully automatic, air cooled, turnkey marking system that utilizes a UV solid state laser with an integrated high- speed scanner.