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Unlimited treatment applications for nearly any industry.

This state-of-the-art plasma technology, that until recently was only available to the aerospace industry, is now being offered to all industrial manufacturers, processors and consumers. Our plasma treatment equipment will reduce costs and speed up production in any industry. Plasma treatment changes an object's surface energy, thereby allowing better adhesion, wettability, lubricity, and markability.

What can Tri-Star Technologies offer my industry?

Our plasma technology can be applied to nearly any industry. Manufacturers who utilize plastic parts and components would benefit from the PT-2000, due to its ability to improve surface wettability characteristics, thus providing a more efficient and economical method for the gluing, coating, or painting processes. The result? Improved color appearance, increased dyeing production rate, and a reduction in dye/ink/paint/glue usage and wastage.

Tri-Star has always maintained a close relationship with the automotive industry, from plasma treating instrument panels prior to painting to wire and cable treatment prior to marking. Now this equipment is available to any industry that requires precision treatment for any of their manufacturing needs.

CD and DVD replicators can benefit from the improved bond strength our Plasma Systems provide.

Outdoor equipment manufacturers and producers of environmentally sensitive components can benefit from the improved sealing and increased bond strength.

Advanced plasma treatment also eliminates the need for some of the chemicals typically used during bonding, painting, coating, inking, dying, etc.

Products for the Automotive, Electrical Component and other Industries:



Tri-Star Technologies introduces the M-100J; the industry's first fully integrated, high speed, Ink Jet Wire Marker with an integrated plasma pre-treatment and UV CURE system.

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TAC X Series Crimping Systems, available in 3 vibratory fed models: TAC 7X for shouldered contacts, TAC 10X for shoulder-less contacts and the TAC 17X Dual Bowl System for both shouldered and shoulder-less contacts.