These turnkey systems are capable of coating catheters of various product and coating lengths.

Catheters are hollow core and could have a solid metal mandrel running the full length of the device, if necessary. While the system is able to coat any type of catheter, this build of the coating system is tailored to specific customer requirements.

The system has four process areas: plasma treatment, coating, air dry (if required), and UV curing. The system also has loading and unloading stations to facilitate continual operation.

Tri-Star's proprietary plasma treatment is implemented to insure wetting of the surface of the catheters and improve adhesion.

The coating may be applied with the "sponge" or "dip" techniques. UV energy is used to cure the coating.

To assure coating 100% cure without overheating of the catheters surface, Tri-Star implements "Cold UV" technique that allows even distribution of the UV energy and prevents any potential damage of temperature sensitive devices.

All necessary precautions are taken in order to comply with all pertinent safety requirements.

The system is controlled by OMRON PLC with user friendly operator interface.

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