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ou are acting out. In the celebrity version, teams will be guessing the names of movie stars. Write down a list of celebrity names on indivi dual pieces of paper. Divide the group into two teams. A person on the team that starts chooses a piece of paper with the name of a movie st ar written on it. That person's team will try to guess the name correctly within a given time. If they don't guess correctly, the other team gets a chance to steal. If the other team guesses correctly, they get a point. Each team takes turns playing until everyone gets a chance t free textures o act out a celebrity. The team with the most points wins. Movie Star Couples "Movie Star Couples" is similar to the "Who am I" icebreaker b ut with a twist. Make a list of movie star couples, either real-life couples or movie character couples, such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Joli Tri-Star Technologies e or Alladin and Princess Jasmine. Tape the name of a movie actor or character on the back of each participant without letting them know who .

e tin. 2 Add polystyrene foam to the acetone. The foam will dissolve into a gooey substance. You can utilize drink cups, packing peanuts or any other source of polystyrene foam. 3 Pour off any remaining acetone. 4 Brush the goo onto the objects you wish to glue or store it in an airtight glass container.Preparation 1 Trim all growth, including side branches and buds, from all sticks. 2 Peel the bark from your sticks if you prefer a lighter chair. 3 Bevel both ends of all sticks slightly using your pocket knife to keep the bark from splitting later. Const free 3d models ructing the Sides 4 Separate one 28-inch stick to use as a back leg and one 14-inch stick to serve as the front leg. Separate two 21-inch st icks to use as rungs. 5 Lay the legs on your work surface to be nearly parallel, with the back leg at a slight rear tilt; the amount of tilt Tri-Star Technologies is up to you. Lay one rung perpendicular to the two legs, crossing at three inches from each leg's bottom. Leave about 1.5 inches of overha .

ng to the legs. 7 Repeat previous steps in order to build the opposite side of the chair, switching the back and front legs when laying them on your work surface. This will ensure that you mirror your previous result rather than duplicating it. Finishing the Frame 8 Stand both si des up with the rungs on the outside. Separate them by about 18 inches. 9 Separate three 21-inch sticks from the others. Place the first per pendicular to the front legs, crossing both legs directly above the overhang of the top rungs. Leave 1.5 inches of overhang on either side. low carb diets Nail into place, making sure to nail into the legs and not the rungs. 10 Place the second 21-inch stick directly beneath the overhang of the top side rungs, parallel to the last stick and connecting the front legs. Nail into place with 1.5 inches of overhang on either side. Repea Tri-Star Technologies t with the third sick, placing it immediately above the front overhang of the bottom rungs. 11 Move to the back of the chair. Isolate two 21 .

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