M-100L FG-TT-S Schleuniger Compatible UV Laser Wire Marking System


M-100L FG-TT-S Table Top UV Laser Wire Marking System

Tri-Star is pleased to announce a new version of our field-proven M100LFG-TT laser wire marker capable of working in-line with Schleuniger programmable wire processors.

The turnkey M100LFG-TT-S is a fully automatic, Schleuniger compatible, CAYMAN software controlled laser marking/cutting/stripping system. It utilizes a 355 nm UV solid state laser to print in any language, font, and size. The system supports vertical and horizontal text orientation as well as programmable message spacing. The M100LFG-TT-S comes with user-friendly software that allows for the printing of bar codes and logos as well.


More Information:


ARTOS Cr.01 SINGLE-END PROCESSOR featuring the M-100L FG-TT-S Marking System.

Schleuniger Datasheet

Schleuniger datasheet for the M-100L FG-TT-S Marking System.

M-100L FG-TT S Datasheet

Tri-Star Technology's M-100L FG-TT-S datasheet.

M-100L FG-TT S Demo

Video walk-though of the software used by the new M-100L FG-TT-S interfacing with a Schleuniger wire processor.