Aerospace Applications

The aerospace industry lay at the heart of Tri-Star Technologies' business partnerships. Since its inception, Tri-Star has supplied specialty wire processing equipment (Wire Markers, Contact Crimpers, Plasma wire treatment systems, etc.) to aerospace companies around the world.

New Military and Commercial specifications recommend the use of Ink Jet or Laser marking for all aircraft wire. Tri-Star Technologies, as a manufacturer of both types of systems, is uniquely positioned to provide this equipment to airframe manufacturers. We have supplied over 350 Wire Marking Systems to the aerospace community worldwide.

Our Contact Crimpers meet MIL spec standards, and are designed to handle large-scale, high-speed production loads. Over 1200 of these systems have been installed worldwide.

Our Plasma Systems enhance the ink adhesion of any ink jet marker and can easily be installed as an inline pre-treating module. Over 400 Plasma Systems have been sold worldwide.

Products for the Aerospace Industry:

More Information:

M-100L FG-TT

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M100L FG-TT Econolase Datasheet

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TAC Info

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Porta-TAC Info

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M-100J Info

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M-100L Info

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PT-1000 Info

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